About Our Business

Nelson County Insurance was opened by Sabe Oliver in 2005 at 512 East Stephen Foster Avenue in
Bardstown. Since 2005 it has made vast improvements to the way insurance coverage is provided to the
people of Nelson County.

You might be asking your self, "what makes Nelson County Insurance so different?" Here are a few brief

  • Personal service: You are always put first with Nelson County Insurance. From personal auto
    policies to large commercial policies, you will always receive the same care and service.
  • Location: Being located right across from My Old Kentucky Home keeps Nelson County Insurance
    close without all of the annoying traffic. There are also many other great stores next door, making
    512 East Stephen Foster a one stop shop for many things!
  • Local Agent: The agent is readily available for every customer that walks through the door. This
    enables you to a licensed professional opinion of the coverages you need and answers to all your
    insurance questions.
  • Technology: With many people moving to online bill pay and electronic debits, Nelson County
    Insurance has made the strides to keep up. You can get insurance or pay a bill right over the
  • Security: You can rest assured that your information is safe at Nelson County Insurance, we don't
    like sales calls any more than the next person, so we do not offer your contact information to
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